Satisfaction Guaranteed

I Pride myself on offering a Professional dog grooming service on a one to one basis, with Compassion at the heart of all of my grooms. Some dogs may be fearful of the grooming process. I always like to think “what could I do differently to help this dog relax?” this involves getting creative, with lick Mats , snuffle mats, playtime, and assessing what their anxiety triggers are during the groom. This could be the sound of the dryer, clipper sound, even a fear of heights. I use the highest quality Natural products and top of the range equipment to help create a thorough and beautiful groom.

I will undertake a full consultation prior to the groom to discuss your requirements, have a chat about your dog, their likes & dislikes and any health issues.

I do not use crates or cage dryers and each groom will be tailored to the owners requirements ( as long as the coat is in good condition)