Services & Prices

The Pampered Pooch Services & Prices

All of my grooming services are tailored to your dogs specific needs. Grooming products and brushes are selected for your dogs coat type . The groom is adapted to your dog, taking into account anxiety levels and rewarding positive behaviours through treats and praise.

I offer a FREE consultation to all new clients. I know how hard it can be leaving your precious baby with a stranger so i encourage you to pop in and meet me and see the salon before booking. I can talk you through the best coat care and recommend the right grooming schedule for your dogs lifestyle and coat type and also explain what happens durning the groom and equipment I use. I’m happy to accommodate evening , weekends for consultations If you need to fit this around your schedule. Please get in contact to book your consultation.

Bath From £20

  • luxury warm Hydro bath for a deep clean
  • Specially selected shampoo and conditioner if required
  • Hand Blow dry (I do not promote cage drying)
  • Thorough Brush and comb
  • conditioning Scent

Full Groom from £35

  • luxury warm Hydro bath for a deep clean
  • Ears Cleaned & eyes cleaned.
  • Specially selected shampoo and conditioner if required
  • Initial hand drying with High velocity dryer to blow out the dead hair Followed by warm gently dryer
  • Thorough Brush and Comb through removing every tangle
  • Minor matt removal (I will not put your pet through discomfort and stress removing heavy or excessive matts . please see Matted coat section for options)
  • Pads, hygiene areas and in front of the eyes trimmed.
  • Nails clipped ( if required)
  • Styling, clipping and hand scissoring to your preference.
  • Conditioning Scent

*Matted Coats

£10 addition charge for shave off to cover needed and towards cost of professional blade for sharpening. (Shaving matts blunts our expensive blades and scissors)

£15 on top or groom price is I feel the coat can be de-matted with products and high velocity dryer. This will cover extra time needed and also de-matting products. I will also use secret weapon bathing treatment to hydrate the coat and help with the dematting.

Puppy Pamper £25

A gentle introduction in to the world of grooming. It is so important for dogs to be exposed the to grooming process as early as possible.

Puppy University Package £100

The puppy package is a gentle introduction to grooming for your puppy from 14 weeks to 6 months of age. It is so important that your puppies first impression of grooming is stress free. Your dog has a lifetime of grooming ahead and it is therefore my objective to make sure that your puppy enjoys the process.

The Puppy University package consists of 5 Puppy Grooms , each building on the last visit , in preparation for their Graduation Full Groom.